Meituan has launched 100000 smart helmets, which can be used by riders for free and can receive and send orders by voice
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You can talk and receive orders without pulling out your mobile phone; Identify the dark light environment and automatically start the anti-collision warning; Smart detection to remind riders to wear helmets... In order to further ensure the safety of riders' distribution, meituan distribution announced on April 25 that 100000 smart safety helmets will be put into operation in Beijing, Suzhou, Haikou and other cities this year. During the pilot period, the helmet cost does not need to be borne by the rider, and the rider must wear it according to relevant specifications during the order receiving period.

"In the whole process from receiving orders to delivery, you need to operate your mobile phone or make calls many times. The smart helmet is an artifact for freeing your hands." Beijing rider fan Tieming is one of the first batch of "early adopters". The voice call and order receiving function of the intelligent safety helmet makes fan Tieming feel that the distribution security has been greatly improved.

It is reported that the smart helmet has a built-in Bluetooth module. After connecting with the rider's mobile phone and app, if there is an incoming call, the rider can answer it by clicking the shortcut key on the left side of the helmet. Long press for 2 seconds to reject the call. If you don't operate, the call will be answered automatically after 10 seconds. When hearing app voice commands such as receiving orders, grabbing orders, transferring orders, or going to the store and taking meals, riders can also click the shortcut key to confirm, or orally reply "confirm" to operate through voice.

The head circumference is adjustable, the vent hole on the top of the head is adjustable, the magnetic suction of the charging port is anti insertion, and it can be charged for 2 hours for 3 days... In addition to the safety guarantee and functional convenience, the wearing comfort is also widely recognized by riders during the pilot period. "Bluetooth headset external stereo, no need to plug into the ear, which solves the problem of ear pain after wearing the headset for a long time." Rider fan Tieming said.

In addition, the helmet also has built-in photoelectric sensor and motion sensor, which can monitor the wearing state and posture of riders during the delivery of orders through acceleration detection and intelligent monitoring algorithm. Before using the smart helmet, the rider needs to scan the code with the app to bind, and then the smart helmet wearing detection function and collision detection function can be turned on, so as to solve the problem of "wearing but not wearing" the helmet in reality. On the rider app, you can display the real-time wearing status and record the helmet wearing data.

According to the R & D personnel of meituan intelligent safety helmet, as the exclusive equipment for takeout riders independently developed and patented by meituan, the intelligent safety helmet has been strictly tested and meets the national standards. Based on the traditional helmet, several intelligent safety functions such as wearing and collision detection function, self sensing tail light, Bluetooth headset, microphone, shortcut keys and so on have been innovatively developed.

The research and development of intelligent safety helmets has been started since June 2020, and pilot projects will be launched in Hunan, Guangdong, Liaoning, Ningxia and other provinces in June 2021. Meituan distribution said that 100000 new vehicles will be put into operation in Beijing, Haikou, Suzhou and other cities this year.

"Safety is the shortest way to deliver." The head of meituan intelligent safety helmet distribution project said that the original intention of intelligent helmet research and development is to ensure and improve rider safety with the help of scientific and technological means. The second-generation meituan intelligent safety helmet launched this time takes more comprehensive consideration of the actual needs of riders and complex working scenes in the research and development process. Without significantly increasing the total weight, the overall optimization design of the helmet function was carried out, and the trial production was completed in February this year.

Compared with traditional ordinary helmets, intelligent helmets will incur additional costs due to new intelligent modules, redesign and customization, etc. During the pilot period, the United States does not need to bear the cost of smart helmet distribution. During the order receiving period, the rider must wear it according to relevant specifications.

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