General new technology patent exposure: autonomous vehicles replace driving school coaches
Release date: 2021-12-05Visits: 60

With the popularity of automatic driving, many inherent occupations in traditional industries will be eliminated, and driving school coaches may bear the brunt.

Recently, in the US patent and trademark application, General Motors submitted an autonomous vehicle system design, which aims to train new drivers for driving schools.

This automatic driving technology is used to judge novices and guide them to learn the basics of driving on public roads. It is used to train new drivers, not replace them.

Automatic driving technology has attracted a large number of automobile and technology enterprises to join. GM drives autonomous vehicle as a vehicle that can perceive the environment and navigate to the destination automatically when the driver seldom intervened. General Motors especially mentioned that automatic driving vehicles should have laser radar sensors, cameras, image sensors and GPS.

GM pointed out that the new training technology will reduce the number of driving instructors, reduce teaching costs and improve the daily arrangement of instructors. All kinds of sensors on the autonomous vehicle will accurately measure the driving skills of the trainees and feedback in time to help the trainees drive the vehicle correctly.

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